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Official 3DRCF Build and Review - Twisted Hobbys 30" Crack Pitts M12

Discussion in 'TwistedHobbys.com' started by 3dmike, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Twisted Hobbys 30" Crack Pitts M12


    I will be doing a full build and review here sharing my thoughts with loads of pictures!

    I chose the TH 30"-32" Power Combo Digital for this review.

    Why did you choose an "older" model?
    Well it's pretty simple! The son had one heck of an experience flying this plane (it was a friends) a couple years ago and to keep him interested in the hobby sometimes that has to prevail! :) Plus I am a sucker for the Bi-Planes!

    Customer Service:
    Brad at Twisted Hobbys is always a joy to deal with. He knows his stuff and is quick to answer any question I had.

    I ordered the plane on Thursday around noon, had a tracking number by 1pm and was at my door on Monday! By the way I am in Oregon and TH is on the other side of the US! That's fast!

    The box was undamaged and shipped via USPS Priority 2nd day. Contents are undamaged and look perfect!

    Initial Impressions:
    The quality of the cuts and design look pretty impressive! The paint looks good as is exactly as shown on the product page. All of the components are packaged well and look great. It's also nice to see they included somethings I wasn't expecting such as the welders glue and a couple of nice TH Key Rings!

    photo 1 (1).JPG photo 1 (2).JPG photo 2 (1).JPG photo 2 (2).JPG photo 3 (1).JPG photo 4.JPG photo 3 (2).JPG photo 4 (1).JPG photo 5.JPG photo (1).JPG photo 5 (1).JPG
  2. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Ok so here we go with a build for the 30" Twisted Hobbys Crack Pitts M12!

    First I relaxed all of the control surfaces as suggested in the PDF manual. By the way that's was the recommended method for build as suggested by Brad at Twisted Hobbys.

    photo 1-8.JPG

    Then I glue the elevator to the fuse using the supplied welders glue.


    While that was setting I hooked up the TH Digital Servos, TH BEC, TH Motor, Battery and Receiver to test and center servos. I was super happy I didn't have to solder anything! It was just plug-n-play! I will say I was impressed with the quality of the equipment too!

    IMG_6346.JPG IMG_6348.JPG IMG_6349.JPG IMG_6350.JPG

    Next up was to glue in the elevator servo!


    Wipe off excess.

    Next up is to cut the upper and lower fuse in half and reward yourself with a girl scout cookie like I didi!

    IMG_6358.JPG IMG_6359.JPG IMG_6360.JPG IMG_6361.JPG

    Now we need to extend the cut for the wood support braces. Using a razor blade proved to be the best cutting tool I could find. It did a great job slicing through the EPP!

    IMG_6364.JPG IMG_6365.JPG IMG_6366.JPG IMG_6367.JPG IMG_6368.JPG IMG_6369.JPG
  3. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Now that the support bracing is cut I moved onto glueing the bottom half of the fuse to the middle horizontal fuse. I applied a thin amount to both sides and pressed together. Wipe off excess with a rag.

    IMG_6376.JPG IMG_6377.JPG

    I moved onto the support braces right away even though it's probably recommended to allow it dry first. :)

    Now let dry after you install these guys and make sure you pull the servo wires through before putting into place!

    IMG_6383.JPG IMG_6384.JPG IMG_6385.JPG

    After it sat and dried next I installed the rudder servo! I used a tweezer to pull the sego wire through which made the job super easy!

    IMG_6386.JPG IMG_6387.JPG

    Now you can attach the upper vertical fuse piece. I thing I really like is how stiff the app is as I didn't feel it was necessary to hold it in place with anything. Just glue and go! I figure you all no how to glue at this point so I won't bore you with all my glueing! LOL

    IMG_6389.JPG IMG_6390.JPG

    While that's drying you can move on to the wings and install the wood support. First you have to cut out the tabs, apply some welders and install! Repeat for both upper and lower wings and allow to dry.

    IMG_6393.JPG IMG_6394.JPG IMG_6392.JPG IMG_6395.JPG


    No you can do this same process for the braces that go between the upper and lower wings.


    Next i moved onto the motor mount. I know it's bit early in the project but other items were still drying and why not?!?! :)

    Here is an area I like to use blenderm. Blenderm is a pours material that you can buy at the Walgreens or any medical supply. It goes by many names and so the stuff I use is by 3M. If you want to know the exact name I can find it… just pm me! So I used two strips of blenderm, applied some welders, installed and applied some more welders to the top and smooth out in a squeegee like motion. When installed you can't even see it and the pourous like material acts like fiberglass, it's awesome stuff!

    IMG_6401.JPG IMG_6403.JPG IMG_6404.JPG IMG_6402.JPG

    Next up is to install the wood bracing in the fuse. Apply welders and install… easy peasy.

    IMG_6406.JPG IMG_6405.JPG IMG_6407.JPG

    It's starting to look like a plane!
  4. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Next it's time to cur out the hardware and install the aileron servo arm. I just went ahead and removed all hardware and trimmed since I was at it.

    IMG_6409.JPG IMG_6410.JPG

    When you build this you must open up the wood arm and the plastic servo arm with a 1/16th drill bit.

    IMG_6412.JPG IMG_6414.JPG IMG_6415.JPG IMG_6413.JPG

    Next up install the aileron control horn hardware! Make sure you install hardware with one pointing left and one pointing right.


    Next I built the control linkages. First roughen up the area you will be gluing the included z bends. I used CA with kicker and then cover with shrink tube and apply heat.

    IMG_6419.JPG IMG_6420.JPG IMG_6421.JPG

    Next apply welders and install control horns in lower wing like so.

    IMG_6422.JPG IMG_6423.JPG

    Now install connector control horns in upper and lower wing.

    IMG_6424.JPG IMG_6425.JPG

    Next up install the elevator control horn. Be sure to install the hardware first as I forgot to take a picture of that.


    You may need to open up some of the cuts to accept the control horns like I needed to on the rudder but for the most part everything was cut nicely already!

    IMG_6427.JPG IMG_6428.JPG
  5. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Ok let's see what's next…. oh yeah a beer or tasty beverage of your choice…. Whew…. Ok let's get back to building!

    Next install the servo arm on the aileron servo and install in fuse! Be ready to quickly install the lower wing since that all holds the servo in place.

    IMG_6429.JPG IMG_6430.JPG IMG_6431.JPG IMG_6432.JPG

    Install the wing using welders…. Just FYI I used welders on everything accept the control linkages. I may use ca with kicker to hold something in place if needed while the welders dries. Check with a 90 degree angle to make sure you're straight and stabilize… This stuff is rigid and really didn't need anything in my opinion.


    Wow looking good if I do say so myself!

    Install the lower wing wood braces and apply welders. I installed my aileron control linkages as well. Make sure you do not tighten the screws yet.

    IMG_6435.JPG IMG_6436.JPG

    Install the wing braces (probably a technical term for it somewhere but it escapes me at the moment. Note: Make sure you check that top of the bracing sweeps forward not swept back!

    IMG_6437.JPG IMG_6438.JPG

    Now I went ahead and installed the top wing without letting the braces dry. To me it makes sense and the wing will hold the braces in place and they will dry straight.

    IMG_6441.JPG IMG_6442.JPG

    Next install the top wood braces while the model is flipped upside down.


    Ok now here is the part of the build that was a pain! Not sure how to get around it so I can't complain to much. Install the lower control linkages in each wing. Now installed the z bend in the upper wing. Make sure both ailerons are level, trim excess cf, roughen up the cf, slide the shrink tube onto the linkage, glue the z bend to the cf tube and apply kicker. I then slide the shrink tube up and apply a soldering iron to shrink the tube. DO NOT GET THIS CLOSE TO ANY EPP FOAM!!!! YOU WILL BE SORRY! Again this is the hardest part of the build so take your time!

    IMG_6444.JPG IMG_6446.JPG IMG_6447.JPG IMG_6448.JPG

    Ok I admit I did the next few sections pretty fast, it was late and I wasn't grabbing the camera much. I was just kinda brain dead. I installed the CF control rod, slid 6 of the guides onto it. Slide the control rod through the elevator servo hardware (DO NOT TIGHTEN THE SCREW) and apply welders to each and inserting into each predrilled hole on fuse. You may have to do some looking around for these holes but you will find them pretty fast. Also, a little tip: move the servo arm in a way that will hold the control rod down applying pressure to the guides. This helps the process but do not do it to much or your guides will be in too far and won't allow for normal travel through the guides.

    IMG_6451.JPG IMG_6452.JPG

    Do the same for the rudder control rod and I installed the canopy to the fuse. Told ya I was getting tired and not snapping pics like I should have been… lol


    Next is motor, bec/esc, receiver and battery installation. You will want to take sometime here as the plane will only fly as good as it's cg (center of gravity) will allow it to. Install the motor to the motor mount with the wires running however you have planned. Now just place the receiver, battery and bec/esc on the fuse in the areas you have planned to (DO NOT GLUE YET). Check the CG which is recommended while balancing the model upside downmeasuring 185mm (7.28”) back from the nose (motor mount) which comes roughly to lower woodspar . Use this location as a starting point and and move battery till model seems horizontallybalanced. This location will give you a near neutral balance flight. Once you have your locations planned install all but the battery. Recheck with the battery and cut your slot.

    IMG_6460.JPG IMG_6461.JPG IMG_6459.JPG

    Now go back turn on the transmitter and apply power to the battery. The servos will center again and you can now tighten the screws for the control rods making sure the control surfaces are close to neutral, now cut down to your desired length.

    Now you can install the sf's if desired. One thing to note if you do you will NOT be able to lay this model flat for any length of time! I realized this after I installed and may not have installed because of that. They work well but with this profile design it maybe a little over kill in my opinion! Here is my finished plane with the sf's installed!


  6. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp


    I really enjoyed the ease of build for this model. Not bashing any other vendors or manufacturers but I hate installing cf bracing rods. It's a major draw back for me as my hands begin to shake on very precise small detail work like 1mm cf rods! The other things I liked about this was again ease of build…. no soldering esc/bec's to the motor!

    Hardware: One note is that the hardware for this kit will be updated which should make it even easier to build in the near future.

    The only thing I didn't like (and again the hardware kit is going to be updated which may fix this) is glueing the upper z bend to the c/f control rod while it's connected to the lower aileron and getting the length right at the same time. This was a tough job for me as my hands begin to shake… but may not be a big deal for others! I think my hand shaking is due to breaking my back 10+ years ago (yep skateboarding accident while spending time with my son!) and the pain I get while sitting at or leaning over a table building. Don't ever mess up your back…. It's one of the most painful things that you will have to live with for the rest of your life!

    Ok so how does it fly? After trimming it out WE love it! We meaning my son and I. My son is the whole reason for this project and we did most of the build together. He took to the sticks on battery pack one after I trimmed it and immediately put it into a hover! Yep that's what he likes to do… show off! LOL Judging by his smile and the fun we had this planes deserves 5 our of 5 stars!

    Here is a short clip of my son flying yesterday!

  7. Twisted Realm


    Totally awesome work Mike, especially knowing you and your son built the Crack Pitts to enjoy together is extremely special!

    Twisted Hobbys
  8. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Thanks Brad! We had and will have lots of hours of more fun to come with this plane! Now he's talking about building another plane! :)

    I like the sound of that!

    More video to come!

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