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New Product Strick Pro Grip Radio Trays and Harnesses


New to GSN!
The Pro Grip Radio Tray was specifically designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. We feel a tray should fit the pilot's style, not make the pilot adjust to the tray. Whether that puts the transmitter up high, down low or anywhere in between, the Pro Grip Radio Tray can do it. shareit get-vidmateapk.com
As I get older and shake a bit more, especially if I drink too much coffee in the morning, I find a tray helps from time to time. I've also learned to go from thumbs to pinch method if I get nervous. Makes landings much easier, especially with heli's.


When I lived in Europe in the 70s I always used a tray. Not sure why I got away from them but have not used them in many years now. Not sure I want to go back but Strick's look good.