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New Product Strick Pro Grip Radio Trays and Harnesses


I've tried several tray type transmitter holders and have always reverted back to what I learned with..a neck strap. I fly a lot of IMAC and also am a pinch grip (thumb & forefinger) lfyer. Works fine for me!

BUT.....I still want to see @Bartman in an ankle length skirt...just say'n :banana-dance:


Yeah I never got the idea of a tray style radio. Though I also thought I would never be able to fly without using a neck strap but getting into DLG's forced me to learn how.


Defender of the Noob!
i tried to use a strap when i was doing aerial photography with the drones and it was helpful but it's another thing to forget at home so I try to go without. every once in a while i get tempted but try to resist.

you guys make it sound like flying in an ankle length skirt is weird or something!

Wild man

70cc twin V2
I ques it fits the old saying( to each there own style) I have never used a transmitter crush. I do not like to where a neck strap. i like the freedom of just holding the transmitter free style, might be because I fly with my thumbs and Have no problem flying precision aerobatics. IMO every body is different