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Discussion The I’m Going/Went Flying Thread


Was at the Butler Area Modelers Society (BAMS) scale fun fly yesterday, had both of my One Designs there. No judging just a nice IMAA like fun fly.
Man is dry dry here in PA. I went from cutting the grass twice a week in early May to not cutting at all. I could not believe how brown the grass was



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Who's got time to fly? Business, kids sports, rain, wind, travel. EVERYTHING gets in my way. I hope to fly this Saturday..........
I got me'self one of these... is a total hoot to fly... my 13 yo son took it from me and won't give it back... I bought another one... my 23 yo son has it! I gonna buy 2 more so when my 11 yo son takes one... I will have one left for me!! lol