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The 'What did you do in your workshop tonight?' thread


Other than I would like my folding work bench to be a touch taller I am enjoying quick build sessions during my lunch break at work. Very relaxing out in the sun.


Theoretically build season should be behind us.
Found a structural issue with the tailwheel on the Python earlier this week, and decided to give the entire airframe a good inspection. Not that I like to recover things, but here we go again!
Great idea on the pool noodles to keep the plane from sliding around! Going to do the same thing in my shop tonight :)


640cc Uber Pimp
Been tinkering away on the Tower Hobbies Vista Grande, made new wing joiners from phenolic that fit better, and replaced the steel control rods with gold-n-rod - shaved about 1oz doing all of that. It’s not a big deal when the glider is pretty cheap and trying new things out with what you got laying around to make it better. I still project this 100” beast to be about 60oz RTF. Not very light for a powered glider but will be my first RES (rudder elevator spoiler) glider.

Sorry for the pics being sideways, this new platform doesn’t help posting pictures from a mobile device.

Getting there!