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The 'What did you do in your workshop tonight?' thread


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Sukhoi maintenance this weekend. Swapped the 1lb heavier SUPER flexible aluminum gear for a similar sized Yak c.f. gear (only option out there after graftec failed again).



Just drilled through the existing gear right into the cf gear.



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Did some sheetrock installation in my soon to be dedicated toy room (extra room at my shop). Tentative lathe on right and mill on left layout.

I might finish the sheetrock with FRP wallboard later.

@Stevendavis the rotary phase converter control box is center of the dry wall. The motor is lower left with its future home outside in a doghouse type structure.



Looks nice. Once we find a new house and I have a shop again I plan to build a dedicated lipo charging station and will use either hardie backer or the FR Drywall.