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What is your setup on your 87?



joe is that 24x9 a prop your testing i dont see it on falcons site


70cc twin V2
The setup on the King 50 airplane I used:

Hs-7955's all around
Hs-5665 for throttle
Spektrum power safe receiver
All running on HV
Spot-On servo arms

For a Futaba setup I just ran a battery sharing circuit.

Thanks, So the Rx has 2 leads, is that for battery redundancy? Sort of takes the place of the smartfly? I do like the simple setup of running everything on a HV 2s lipo.

This was on your 89?



70cc twin V2
The setup in my 87 for king 50 was:

Falcon 24x9 gas carbon
Harris smoke pump
Smartfly igntion cutoff and regulator
7955mg servos all around
Futaba 8 ch. receiver
Custom power expander/ battery share unit that dad and I built.

Thanks Joe, I need to search for that schematic. I've see it posted a couple times.

Nice article in the latest MA!



I run Futaba gear and the setup I listed was Bivens'. But the power safe receivers do have the dual battery redundancy built in, but they not have all the fancy stuff like the Smartfly boards.

On my 89" I went the really cheap route and bought a simple battery share circuit.


Just Do It
For those finding building a battery share device more than they want to bargin for or don't trust their soldering should look into a Wolverine Switch. Lots of great feedback on GiantScaleNews. It is 2 solid-state 'fail-safe' style Switches, bright LED on lights, 2 simple Charge Jacks, and advanced battery redundancy (sharing) circuitry and you can order it with however many open receiver slots are open. I am using 3 receiver power inputs with it on mine.


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Just Do It
Thanks. I did add one more from my 87" SHP. The inside view was taken during my build but I have since placed some 1/8" foam that has a stick back on the back of the circuit board. Probably not needed but seemed exposed to me.