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What is your setup on your 87?


70cc twin V2
I talked with Mike on his setup,(Wamsy flew it), really liking that simple setup. Even runs an IBEC off the Rx and the pair of battery's for the ignition. Yeah $200 rx but built in soft switch, 3 remotes(4 if you want), looks simple, like me!

Did I read the standoff needed for a da60 is 1.5"? They sell that on the 3DHS site.



They are not listed on the web site and all links go to Falcons website of which it is not listed there either. How much are they? I have a pretty new Vess Stealth 24B right now.

I just called them and ordered it over the phone. I think my prop was about $80.00.


70cc twin V2
Parts are all arriving!, motor, servos, this and that. Hopefully I'll pick up the plane in the morning. :)


Just Do It
I just called them and ordered it over the phone. I think my prop was about $80.00.

I will have to try that some time. I have switched to the Vess Stealth 24b on my DA60 and that was a big improvement from the Xoar 24x8. I actually really like it now. It has a little more top end than the Xoar and still fantastic pull out. I wish Vess posted their actual pitch but I can see where the 9 pitch might give the better top end with still great pull from the 60.