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Yippee! What the postman brought


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If you have a Harbor Freight nearby, take a look at the Bauer oscillating sander, converts between belt and spindle. The table also tilts. I'm happy with mine so far.


Seen this on a "Ziroli Bearcat" build going on now. What a wonderful idea for setting the height of your laser level, lab Jacks. Now I use various blocks shimmed with balsa and plywood to set the height. When I reached out to thank the builder for the idea he said that he borrowed that from the master himself "Nick Ziroli". $17 on Amazon. had to have one.



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This is what happens when you go shopping for a replacement radio. The 14SG at $175 was a great deal but an 18SZ at $650 was another great deal.

A year old and barely used. Purchase date recorded, registered with Futaba, etc. Nice radio. I guess i will sell the new 14SG after my original is repaired.