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Our 6th Annual 3D HobbyShop Fly Low In is Scheduled for July 11,12,13,14 at the GCA RC Club Field located in Washington, NJ.

This is a low stress all 3d event open flying till 10pm everyday Electric only after 10pm and before 8:00am

we will have a 3dhs 50cc airframe among other 3dhs airframes to raffle
Well as the tittle says this year I am organizing a fly-low-in at my own local club. Many of you have been to the Huckfests in Hot Springs that I have organized over the last few years and the shreveport huckfest last year that I helped rob with. Here at my local club I have been organizing get together and...
Second Annual Mid-America 3DHS Fly-Low-In! Dates: Thursday June 27th through Sunday June 30th 2013. Location: "Galaxy Park", Southeast Missouri Modelers Association Flying Field in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. SPONSORED BY........
HMRC Logo Blue.jpg August 15-18th, 2013 - 1stAnnual TENNESSEE Fly-LOW IN 2013 Corryton, TN (Knoxville) Pages from TN FLI 2013 Event Flyer - Thumbnail.jpg View attachment TN FLI 2013 Event Flyer.pdf ...
I can tell you how to ship a 103" extra to Dubai if anyone is interested. Cause we did it a month ago. 8' long by 3 1/2' x 3 1/2' plywood box. FedX 2nd day air to Dubai was 5,000$.
Multi-Rotor Challenge coming March 23 & 24, 2013 Saw this on another forum and definitely an event I'll be attending. 2013 MULTI-ROTOR CHALLENGE! Multirotor aircraft are storming the market! This emerging category constitutes the fastest growing segment in RC aviation and we are proud to bring...
A new event happening in San Antonio, TX presented by RCHQ (Radio Controlled Head Quarters) http://rchqonline.com/ and Fourtitude R/C www.fourtituderc.com called the Super Fly.

We have already had one of these events this summer, and it was so much fun it's time for another. Hence the...
This is event coverage of the Lodi, CA Huckfest, provided by 3DRCForums.com!
check in here to view pics, videos, and articles from the Austin Radio Control Association's "Hucktoberfest" coverage provided by 3DRCForums.com
Anyone from here going? I'm planning just for a day trip on Friday.