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110" TIMBER Assembly Thread

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale ARF Build Threads' started by AKNick, Jul 16, 2019.


Which Gas Engine will you use!?!?

  1. DLE35RA

  2. DLE55RA

  3. DA35

  4. DA50

  5. OS33

    0 vote(s)
  6. Ummmm yeah..... I'm going electric

  7. EME35 But will you use the electric start version???

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  8. DA60

  9. GP61

  10. GP38

  1. AKNick, do you (or anyone else here) use the "Crow" function (Flaps down+ Ailerons pointing up)? I added this function and found it to make the STOL landing profile greatly improved. I find the plane coming down a lot more controled than with just the flap.

    -Though I realize that the function need to be installed on one switch, as during a aborted landing where I got hot headed and tried something I shouldnt do, I ended up hovering the plane with "full spread" as I was unable to get the flaps and ailerons back in quickly enough. -Glad I had the extra power in the nose when the plane was hanging from the propellar 1m from a tree!! Pulled me nicely out of the sqeeze.

    (BTW, my aileron servo (HS5685MV) crapped out so the Timber is for the moment grounded! Great frustration as the the weather is absolutely fantastic these days.... :ugh!: -Replacing the Hitec Aileron servos with MKS DS1220!)
  2. Striker I just started playing with Crow...only a small deflection, so I haven't noticed much yet. How much are you moving the Ailerons up with flaps full? I think my flaps full is 45 degrees, ailerons only 1/4 inch up or so. Sure is fun, but it is a challenge (for me) to roll the landings on with that much drag.
  3. I have to verify, but from recallection I ended with two settings on the switch: Aileron 3cm up and 5cm / Flap 3cm and 7cm. With aileron at 5cm I also find it making to much drag, but Aileron at 3cm /flaps at 3, it worked very good. -Just enough drag - compensate with adding throttle. That said, I played around with adding "full Ailron up" just as the plane touched down. Then its stay down and stop fast. Quite usefull when you have to stop quickly.

    (I have "crow/aileron" on one 3-step switch and the flap funtion on another. -Bad idea - thats was part of the reason I ended up "howering" the plane.. )
  4. I used a 'full up aileron' function once on an EDF to help slow it down after landing. Unfortunately, I found out what happens if you hit that switch in the air. lol
  5. LOL... Guess thats a leason not forgotten easily..
  6. AKNick

    AKNick 150cc

    I've played with Crow a bit, but haven't fine tuned it. I was working on it for a while, and less Aileron deflection helps to start.

    That TW looks like the OEM version Tiller with a carbon leaf, wont bend that's for sure.
  7. WMcNabb

    WMcNabb 150cc

    TN, USA
    @AKNick @SjtStriker @320CKA

    When using crow, are you mixing with the throttle?
    I have crow on the Python with all four ailerons - two upper deflect full up, and two lower deflect full down.
    Mix doesn’t begin until below half throttle, then as throttle drops, deflections increase.
    With any throttle setting half or above, crow is “retracted” and ailerons function as normal.

    Transmitter is a Spektrum DX9 and I’m using one flight mode to do all of this mixing.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2020
  8. Speaking for myself, I have not done any mixing. The Timber is currently grounded due to a faulty aileron servo and I had just started to play with the Crow when it failed... But my intention is to keep it very simple and install the function on a 3-way switch where middle postion would be "landing setting" and last setting is "Full-Break".

    @AKNick - yes, agree definetly moderate aileron deflection is key. Too much effectly kill the lift of the wing...
    WMcNabb likes this.
  9. I think so too.. Feeling "adventurous" I will order the TW together with some other stuff and see who it work out.
    (Probably receive it in 1 month or 2 as I suspect that the chineese strapp all the orders from AliExpress onto camels and transport it over the old Silk road through Asia. -Cheap... but slow.)

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