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15cc EF 60" Edge 540T-EXP Gasser

Discussion in 'ExtremeFlight/3DHS' started by Enterprise, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    After my work on the 10cc gasser project I decided to try another project with the Evolution 15GX.


    I tossed around a bunch of different airframe ideas and I settled on one of the Extreme Flight 60" planes as I had a better experience with them, especially in the ruggedness category. My friend Joe did a DLE-20 conversion on a 64" MXS, and I had done a conversion on the Hangar-9 Katana with the OS GT22 with mixed results. The Katana came out heavy and did not have enough tail authority to be truly considered a modern 3D plane. The DLE-20 was unreliable and the plane was sold to another local, and I have not seen it since.

    I had owned a 60" Edge before and initially set it up as a 4S 4000 plane with a Motrolfly. I discovered that I liked it better with a heavier 5000 pack for some reason. When it threw a magnet (something the Ken had sent a warning e-mail about before it happened), I was out a motor for a few weeks. Talking to Curtis about ordering some other part, I decided to get the Torque 500kv V1 motor and run 6s 3300. This was a great combo, but the Blue and Yellow scheme is hard for me to see in overcast conditions so I sold it to Joe.

    After talking to Cody one day about my airframe conundrum, he suggested I go back to the Edge over the Extra or MXS due to it's construction and ability to carry extra weight.

    I have been gathering parts ever since I pre-ordered the 15GX and received most of them by the end of May. Unfortunately life and my 120cc gasser got in the way of my project time.

    My goal for this project is to get a plane close to 6 pounds that spins a 15" prop, and have few compromises over the electric version.

    I have finally gotten around to starting the project, so here we go..
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  2. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    Build log

    Here are some picts of the reinforcing I did the fuse behind where the firewall is going to go. Mainly I did some bracing on the sidewalls and across the center. Thanks to Joe Marone for the ideas.



    Here is my new firewall mocked up with the Hyde mount on it. I ran out of real estate in the vertical so I think the motor will be slightly below the original thrust line.

    Here are a few picts of the motor mocked up with my home made throttle box. This so far has been the biggest PIA as getting the throttle linkage to clear the mount and get to a spot in the fuse that worked did not seem very practical without resorting to bell cranks or a bent linkage.

    The muffler is a 10cc one as the correct one has not arrived yet. I did this just to show where things will end up.

    Firewall installed. This is 1/4" ply and after showing it to my flying buddies I realized I should have made it out of 1/8" and doubled it right where the Hyde went. Oh well, always V2. The firewall was 90g before I cut some holes in it so this might have saved a ounce.

    Triangle stock put on the inside to strengthen where the Hyde mount goes.

    Some photo of the ignition box install. It went underneath the spot the RX is supposed to go. I am going to mount that farther aft and put a satellite in the far rear of the tail to get out of the RF interference. Balance is my main concern here and I had to do something with that long spark plug wire.



    Fuel tank install. I have already removed the filter from the pressure line as I think it was not getting enough.

    Throttle servo installed. I did my best to isolate it from the vibration with golden rod and a plastic arm.

    Initial battery installed aft of the canopy. It might end up in the tail just like the 10cc.

    Final interior configuration

    Ready for maiden
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  3. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    Weight discussion
  4. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    Flight reports

    First flights with small prop and very forward CG were still pretty good. The plan flew well with no bad habits.

    Next I moved the fuel tank forward to solve fuel issue and installed RX battery in the tail. This is did not solve the fuel issue, but the CG was correct. I also moved into trying different props and at this point the Xoar 15x4 PJA was the best.

    To solve the fuel issue I installed a Perry pump and moved the fuel tank back to the original position right in front of the wing tube. CG still acceptable.
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  5. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    Maiden flight video


    First flight with cowl on. Windy day


    Flight on a nice day at CAGs

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  6. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

  7. SnowDog

    SnowDog Moderator

    Great thread! Can't wait to see how this works out!!!
  8. Same here, subbd and ready to go. I have a YS91 I always wondered what it would be like on my Edge 540. The thought of going back to a goo covered plane is the only reason I have not tried this.
  9. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    The advantage of the gasser over glow is that there is a bit more torque so this can swing a 15" or maybe 16" prop, where the glow will produce it's power on a 13" or 14" at higher RPM. The glow is more powerful in the end, just not as well suited for 3D. Also you would have to carry 16+ ounces of fuel, where I am using a 8 oz tank. I do have to carry the ignition module though and a IBEC. These do produce the black goo for the first gallon or so. The sabre's bottom side is downright ugly. I was not great at cleaning it though after flight. I will try to do a better job on this airframe as it is a nicer plane.

    The pace of this build may not be super fast as this project is in 4th place for my time. Work, home, and flying trump shop time. I have all bits except the muffler. Also another twin project is out there on the 88" big brother of this plane.

    Luckily I got all the engineering worked out yesterday so I just need to construct and document the rest of the plane. Balance is the only thing I am worried about.
  10. Abrams

    Abrams 50cc

    My flying buddy and I are playing around with Aeroworks airframes and 20cc DLEs. He ran across a great article that I can't find right now on tuning the DLE 20. It has a nasty ignition timing curve that is designed to keep the RPMs up for newbies. If you swap the ignition for a 50cc ignition, the bad characterics go away. My buddy just swapped his and it made a world of difference.

    BTW, have you compared the weights on the Evolution 15 to the DLE 20. If not, you'll be shocked. The 15 is a bit heavy by comparison.
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