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HazzBro's EEv2 / VVRC 40cc twin

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by CanCanCase, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. There's a LOT of interest in this engine, and I need to get into a different style of building or else my design contest entry will end up looking just like a Swany, WWRC, or TriFlyer plane... More than one way to skin a cat, and I've spent enough time rebuilding the Iowa-built EE60 I figure it's time I put one of these Extra Extras together.

    Here's the official "just dug out of the massive kit cache" pic...
    For anyone not "in the know", this is a HazzBro designed kit now distributed by WrongWayRC. Be sure to pester Richard for pricing and availability...

    And, if you missed it before, here's the engine of choice. Notice mine's a little heavier than stock. Tom at VVRC was nice enough to install their single-bolt prop adapter before shipping my engine. I think the airframe can handle a few ounces additional, and i HATE drilling props...

    More as I get into the long weekend...

  2. So, a friend who shall - for now - remain un-named, asked what header drop I would need for a set of canisters... Just as I set the engine on the plans and measured for a 3" drop, I realized the first problem I'm going to have to build my way around... bottom carb.

    Hazz ran the fuse tubes all the way to the nose - motor mount is a rather slick pair of hardwood blocks routed like a Backslider tube hugger. Plan jaw spacing is for the Saito 1.80, and it can easily be opened up with a bandsaw to accommodate even wider rails. But I'm not rail mounting... as you can see from the engine sitting on the plans, with the shaft on the thrust line, the carb will cut WAY down into the chin of the fuse, well past the tube...

    I'm a visual learner, so grab the napkin from under your beer, and draw up any ideas you've got for re-working the chin area below the motor... I don't think it needs to be too terribly structural, other than when I pancake the bird right on the chin... but that's disposable parts anyway, right?


  3. Dr. Gonzo

    Dr. Gonzo 70cc twin V2

    Very cool! Maybe carb down? Cut the lower rail mount off and install a flat firewall. This would eliminate the lower chin and save the scale looks. Unless of course the carb must go up. Then that would complicate things a bit. Then you would have to widen the fuse at the top to allow the carb to protrude through. Does that make any sense?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 29, 2013
  4. Yeah, since the chin piece is purely cosmetic anyway, I think it will be fine. I'm still debating whether I'll go with a tri-stock/braced wood firewall or just angle aluminum...

    - Case
  5. Dr. Gonzo

    Dr. Gonzo 70cc twin V2

  6. Is it a scratch build or a kitbash? Of what? OMP Hybrid?

  7. Some pipe p0rn to go with the balsa p0rn!

    Just playing around with some stuff in the shop... :rolleyes:


    PS: I guess it's worth noting that the profile fuse in the pics with the 40cc twin, headers, and cans IS NOT THE AIRFRAME on which I'm mounting the twin! (That's a WWRC 20cc LamBach that's now ARC and about to receive the OS GT-22.)
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2013
  8. image.jpg
    Bench is all clear and ready for action. It looks like Backslider and HazzBro did me a huge favor and bundled everything up in sub-assemblies so I can shelve the bits I'm not ready to use in each phase of the build.

    And now I have to take a brief pause to read through the while build thread and/or manual... Anyone have a copy of the manual available to email? 3DorBust.com deleted it.

    - Case
  9. image.jpg
    An hour's progress last night... Out to the shop for more now.

    - Case
  10. Dr. Gonzo

    Dr. Gonzo 70cc twin V2

    Looks like a fun project!

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