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Is there any 50cc KITS that can do 3D??

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by Bluepilot2003, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. My next project will be a 50cc aerobatic plane. I fly a mix of 3D (Still learning) and normal aerobatics. I also like having long projects to do. So I am in the market for a non-ARF plane to build. Do these exist somewhere as a kit to buy? I know there are some but I have no idea if they are built light at all or if they are strictly made for IMAC type flying. I would be open to a 30cc kit as well to start off with. I just want a large plane since they fly so well.

    I know Carden makes 100cc kits and I will probably end up doing one of those after this plane. I just have never gone gas before so I didn't want my first experience to be that large to find out I don't like gassers.

    If I find out there are no good kits to go with, I would like some input on the ARFs available. For those who have flown multiple brands, I would like to hear from you too! I have never heard of RedwingRC before so I would really like to hear about those since they seem like a pretty inexpensive way to start out. Otherwise, I have been interested in Extreme Flight, 3DHS, Aeroworks, and the H9 Carden Extra. Thanks in advance for all your wisdom I am about to receive:)
  2. aarestor

    aarestor 70cc twin V2

    Go with Extreme Flight you will not be disappointed.
  3. I do really enjoy flying my EF MXS 64". So that's most definitely a top contender. How about comparisons as well from the different models? Or do they all fly pretty close to the same so I can just choose the one that is in stock at the time if I end up getting it?
  4. CEThomas

    CEThomas 50cc

    Got a lot to pick from. Our next one will be from RedWing RC.
  5. Having flown 3 of the 4 ARF manufacture airframes that you mention, by far, Extreme Flight all the way.

    The 3DHS crew is sometimes hard to get ahold of, if you need phone service and support, or to even ask a general question. I've not been a huge fan of AeroWorks, since I had an Edge ARF wing pull off the tube, in flight. I see several H9/Carden Extras out there. Not flown one, but they look like they fly well, and present in the air well too.

    I flew an 89" Slick with a DA60, ~16# once. They are real floaty, and that may be why I didn't like it. Plus, I've never been a huge Slick fan, either. There are lots of folks out there that swear up and down my them. That is great that they believe in the brand that much. But, there are other brands out there, as mentioned.

    I flew an AeroWorks Yak 54, pre whatever the latest and greatest QB series is now..... DLE 55 with a 22x8, and the airplane was a turd. It was nearly 19#, minus fuel. Once you got the speed up on it, it was actually a decent airplane to fly.

    I've flown the EF Edge 540T with a DA60. It is damn near impossible to downgrade it. I can't find 1 thing wrong with it, plus you get the EF support after the sale, which is top notch! I have the 60" Laser 200. Beautiful airplane, much like your MXS.

    Don't forget EG, PAU. Flown the EG 50cc stuff, too. Red Aero RC has a Corvus Racer. I had the 91" with a GP 61. I forget the weight of it, but it was light. Flew sooo good, I had to sell it to get the big brother! I feel that it they are better than the 3DHS and AeroWorks. But, the new pimp of the class will be the AJ 93" Laser 230Z. Plus, AJ is a good personal friend of mine too. I'd really like to volunteer to review one, and give a totally unbiased review of it.

    Tough decision, I know. I'm in your position each time I want a new airplane.
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  6. Bipenut

    Bipenut 70cc twin V2

    If you are looking for a kit to build, I don't think there is a lot out there in the 50cc size. You might want to look at the SIG Spacewalker 1/3 scale. I think you could take some weight out of it, take the dihedral out of the wings, clip them one or two bays and put a DLE 60 twin in it with the heads sticking out each end of the cowl. I think that would look very cool. I don't know if you could 3D it but you would have a nice Sunday flyer. After typing that and thinking about it I might have to build one myself. LOL

    If you want to just go ahead and take the jump to 100cc you have a few options. You already mentioned the Carden, but seriously look that the Viper ST, and the Hyperlite Slick that is being sold by Fibertech N More. I just recently bought a Viper kit and I'm currently building the Slick, and these are both very high quality kits. Terry and Rick are both on these forums and very helpful. Terry is the designer of the Viper and Rick has worked with Kevin Walker on the design of the Slick. If you go over to the build thread area of this forum you will find build theads on both of these planes. I don't think you or anybody would be disappointed in a Viper or Slick. As far as making the leap to gas, you will probably never go back to nitro after you do. It is so much cleaner along with being cheaper and you don't have to monkey around with tuning the engine all the time.

    Now on the the ARF's I think Bunky hit it right on the head with his response. I had a Aeroworks Extra 300 in the 30cc size and I thought it was a pretty good plane. If I were going to buy an ARF now it would be a Laser from AJ Aircraft or a plane from Extreme Flight.

    I hope this answered some of your questions and I'm sure you will get some others to chime in here to help you too. This is a very good website were everyone is willing to help out.
  7. Patroller

    Patroller 70cc twin V2

    If you can even find a kit in the 50cc size it will likely be an old design and cost nearly twice to build what it would cost to build an ARF. That is precisely why you can't really find them today. One option in a kit that I have been considering myself that would also fly basic aerobatics quite well with either a 50 or 60cc gas engine but also has a very modern construction method is the JTEC Pitts. I don't think it is a great/easy 3D plane though by todays standards. Otherwise seriously consider an ARF.

    Also almost all the 50 sized 3D planes today have pretty much morphed into planes that will easily take a 60 sized engine if not a 70 twin like the new DA. One example is on the current front page. The new AJ Laser was pretty much designed around that engine. The 30 sized planes are pretty much the same thing, people putting 35's and even twin 40's in them now.

    A really good top notch gas plane to start would be an Extreme Flight 78" Extra with a DA 35 or even the VVRC40 twin. If you learn to toss that plane around the 100 cc Carden will be an easy step up. The 91" versions with a DA70 would also fly awesome, but will cost you about half again as much to put in the air.
  8. Terryscustom

    Terryscustom 640cc Uber Pimp

    I've had people ask me when I'm going to design a 50cc plane, and the plain and simple answer is never. You can probably buy two really great EF or PAU ARF's in that size for a couple hundred bucks more than it would cost to build the kit. It would be nice because a nicely built foam core plane build can last 10 years or more and still be solid and great flying where any ARF will be pretty loose or worn out well before that.
  9. Phil.Griffin

    Phil.Griffin 70cc twin V2

    If you happen to be a fan of profiles, Richard Bahman (sp?) puts out his "WrongwayRC" 50cc kits. 80ish" w/s.
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  10. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    There really is a lot to choose from on the market these days regarding "ARF's". Not a lot of stick builds that I know of. But any of the newer released ARF's should provide many hours of enjoyment. Providing they are not pounded into the dirt on a repetitive basis. Which some just seem to do so naturally. LOL....

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