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89" SkyWing Laser 260 V2 Assembly Thread


640cc Uber Pimp
For Sure. My flying site times are limited due to tourist season, bad weather, and watching my little one... So tackling one step at a time is more fruitful and enjoyable. I do feel that the throttle is more linear now and was a huge step in the right direction.

I'm going to preset some KE mixing from what I felt during my last session:
Top rudder gets a bit of UP elevator. Maybe +5 for starts (I'm sure my Louvers, Spot on tires without pants, are contributing to this drag.
Right rudder gets Left Aileron. Maybe +3 for Starts
Left Rudder gets Right Aileron. Maybe +3 For Starts

One thing I'm noticing with running a cannister is when you let off the throttle you can REALLY hear the prop noise in the air spinning. pretty neat sound. Speaking of sounds there is a little whistle I can hear that reminds me of a turbo LOL I LIKE IT!

I'm getting some exhaust residue inside the empennage through the tunnel covers. Thinking I need to block it off. I cannot think of any reason to have air go back there anyways. Dirty air at that.


My KE mixing is very close to yours.
I also like hearing the prop when running a canister, I like to do gentle low throttle gliding passes over the field just to listen to the air passing over the airframe.
I prefer rear exhaust canisters for that reason, I want the exhaust to exit to a spot where I don't have to worry about oils/heat entering the fuse.


640cc Uber Pimp
New video up:

So far I will say this plane has a quicker roll rate and tumbles easier than the 91” ARS. It also lands a bit quicker and is not as stable post stall. I’ve been adding weight to the tail and it has been helping.

My current rates and KE mixing are posted in the description.