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91" SkyWing ARS 300 Assembly Thread


640cc Uber Pimp
Control Horns.
This is the only epoxy that I will need to mix up for this build... that’s a crazy thought. I will use whatever extra to reinforce a couple joints.
Like all the other MFGRs you’ll have to scruff them up and in this case remove some of the plastic. I scruffier up with 100 grit, then cleaned them up with isopropyl alcohol. Checked the fit and glued them in place. Easy peasy, no frills here! Super happy with how everything is fitting together!

Oh and I would like to thank my mixing cup sponsor... McDonalds for supplying my with Ketchup cups. Some one here told me this trick. The pot life does decrease as the catalyst warms up quicker though.


640cc Uber Pimp
Nick, that Blue & Orange color scheme is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing a video against the Alaskan sky.....

I was going to purchase this plane this July, and when I called Tim, he told me someone had just purchased the last TWO in this scheme... I was devastated! Rest assured, he had another batch on the water and reserved it for me. It became a little delayed but it worked out perfectly as my Timber build needed a little extra time. My wife doesn't like orange, and I've wanted a orange plane for years ha ha ha, she said this one was okay though. :peace-out: Also, that blue is metallic!


640cc Uber Pimp
Some of the goodies. Combo deal when purchased with the plane you get 10% off wohooooo. I like a good deal.


I’ve seen some recent posts of people saying the 1267 is dying under stress tests. May end up changing this out. But who knows. I’m thinking without a metal linkage it will be fine. As I’m learning any servo has a direct drive potentiometer and can fail under vibrations with a direct metal linkage. We’ll see, but I’m not convinced it’s entirely the servo.

Well this is all the pics I have for one night. Pretty excited to work on it again... don’t you hate it when actual work gets in the way? Ya know, the type that funds what I actually want to do with my time??


640cc Uber Pimp
Fitting some servos in place.
There is a little panel for you to knock out that shows the servo arm and orientation to put it in. Kind of clever!

For the rudder, push pull, you’ll have to remove the covering from the slot over where the arrow is. Presto! Another knockout panel with the servo arm orientation ha ha. Love it!






640cc Uber Pimp
Here is a photo flood of the magnetic pins. Very innovative and awesome. The magnet captured, so even if the glue fails it’s not going anywhere.
The canopy has to slide slightly back and up to come off. No more dowels wearing out in the canopy or latch failures. Carbon T-Pins up front, center hold down area, and the magnetic pins in the back. Pretty sweet. Wings are similar but a enclosed slot for the wings to slide into and there is a hole to store the pin when not in use. Very well designed and thought out. I’ll cover the elevators next.


640cc Uber Pimp
First thanks for doing a build thread, that is a lot of added work but thanks for doing it and sharing.
Nice looking plane and by the way orange is my favourite colour and most of my planes are orange. Very interesting plane has some very interesting innovations really like the magnetic pins. And looks look like you are happy with the build quality so far, nice to know. Will follow the thread with interest.
Going through the thread you have been a busy boy up the 2 page already and going full blast. At this rate you will be done in a couple of weeks.