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horizon hobby

  1. AKNick

    110" TIMBER Assembly Thread

    110" TIMBER - HANGER 9 - ASSEMBLY/BUILD THREAD Horizon Hobby Product Link: Here 110" Timber Manual: Here AKNick Completed Timber!! From the Website: Key Features High quality balsa and plywood construction provides a strong and lightweight airframe Vibrant and eye-catching UltraCote...
  2. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    New Product UMX F4F Wildcat

    I know this isn't anything Giant, but who doesn't like War Birds regardless of the size? E-flite has now brought one of the best looking war birds to the scene! Ever want to head out to the field and just feel like its a war bird kinda day, but don't feel like loading that big bulky fuse and...
  3. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    New Product Hangar 9 Model 12 Viking 120cc 89" ARF

    From: Horizon Hobby This is Truly Exciting for me as I hope it is to many more of you. I am a Biplane Nut! Looking Forward to having this one in my hangar very soon! Introducing the NEW Hangar 9 Model 12 Viking 120cc 89" ARF Everyone has seen the...
  4. Bartman

    Tyler McCormack

    Tyler's from New Hampshire and he's seen below with his Aeroworks 91" Extra 260 Freestyle with a DA-60 and RA-2 pipes. He's sponsored by Aeroworks, Horizon Hobby, and Desert Aircraft and is currently flying Unlimited IMAC and Freestyle as well as doing demo flights at events around the country.
  5. AKNick

    H9 15cc Carbon Cub

    Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc http://www.horizonhobby.com/carbon-cub-15cc-arf-han5065 Here is my setup: RCGF 21cc Radical RC 2300 A123 Tech-Aero IBEC ignition kill and battery eliminator Savox (x6) SC-0254MG for all surfaces Savox SV-0220MG throttle Miracle Switch (one switch, charge plug...
  6. Bartman

    Saito 61cc Four Stroke Gas Engine, NEW!

    Click HERE for manufacturer's product page Release date hasn't been published yet, pre-orders are being taken. Type: 4-stroke Airplane Displacement: 3.72 cu. in. (60.9 cc) Bore: 1.46 in (37.2 mm) Stroke: 1.10 in (28.0 mm) Cylinder Type: Ringed, Chromed Aluminum Cylinders: Twin Plug Type...
  7. rcdude07

    UM AS3X P-40 Warhawk Review

    UM AS3X P-40 Warhawk Review I received this little bird as a gift from my wife. I'm officially a P-40 Warhawk fan and wanted the micro bird to accompany my Top Flite P-40E Gold Edition kit. Unboxing: The UM P-40 is a beauty. Lots a scale lines to give it the...