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I'm going/went flying 2021 thread


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Those of you northerners who 'claim ' to fly all winter are full of something brown and stinky. Visiting my parents this weekend and it's painfully cold and getting colder. Winter time is for building, not flying.

Screenshot_20210213-101359_The Weather Channel.jpg


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Sorry to say no pictures but bid get out today and did some flying. Man was it great to get out of the house after being locked up for months. Did a bunch of flights with little electric QQ plane. Just great weather sunny no wind but the temperature was just around zero Fahrenheit. My thumbs were good for four minutes then they needed to be warned up for the next flight.


640cc Uber Pimp
Cold but nice clear blue sky and with 6 mph wind and the temperature at 2 degrees F.. Anyway just had to get out, charged only two packs and went flying. Nice to get out and was glad I only charged two packs because once they were done I was glad to get back into car and go home and warm up.