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Mini lathe (and mill) discussion.

I'm finding that the tool list is never ending! Just ordered some more tool holders for my QCTP. And I'd really like to pick up an Anvil Micrometer.


Now you have me thinking about a smaller scale. Maybe the Electronica MagnaSlim magnetic scales. I think it would work betting on my 7 x 14. Was it easy to rewire your scale plug?
Kind of odd! You got me thinking of a smaller scale. I don't know about the output listed, you have two options, quadrapture and 1 v pp. My display uses a RS422 TTL and I don't if either of those will work, I'm rather sure yours is TTL as well.
Rewiring was easy, I just mentioned it to make people aware that it might need done. When I first installed the scales on my lathe, one worked and one didn't. I found the pinout in the manual so I took the plugs apart and found different wiring. It's a matter of re-soldering 6 wires.
Got the carriage scale installed. It works great so far. Only checked a 3" travel so far, but it's right on the money. I've got to build some extensions for the guard tomorrow so I can get it all back together.


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I didn't put any guards on the scales installed with the reader down. The only one that was guarded was the lathe cross slide and now that is gone.
I'll have a cross slide guard. The one I'm putting back on is the splash guard on the backside. I'll extend it out a bit so the chips don't get too out of control.