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Mini lathe (and mill) discussion.


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The 3W CS engines are BEASTS!!! The compressed fuel mixture is unhappy when it fires off and shows its unhappiness with a vengeance.
Didn't have a small die holder for the 13/16" dies, so I decided to make one today. Had to put the 3jaw back on the lathe for the first time in a while. Once the chuck end was turned down, I put the collet chuck back on to finish the project.


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I need to make one as well but I only have a few 13/16" round dies. I have SAE and metric Craftsman tap and die sets that have hex shaped dies. I use the hex holder and a live center to get the die started straight, then brace the handle against the tool post, it takes some effort to cut 1/2" threads, I use an eight inch Crescent wrench on the 4" three jaw chuck jaw to turn the work.