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Mini lathe (and mill) discussion.

Worked on modifying my carriage stop for my application today.


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Machined out a deeper jaw for my drill press vise. It's now over the top of the crap groove so I can use my parallels on the vise.


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A friend bought an Aeroworks 100cc Extra with a 3W 150CS mounted on it, it's quite ballistic. When he got it home he discover the engine back plate had been welded, buyer beware. He had the plane out 4 or 5 times last year and every time the left muffler would come loose. He also found that on the left cylinder someone had enlarged one of the mounting bolt holes, this was drilled crooked and tapped for 1/4-20. Oddly enough I found the other hole had a insert that is tapped for 8-32. I removed the right side muffler and found both holes have inserts and tapped for 8-32.
The cylinder was setup to the mounting flange and the 1/4"-20 hole was drilled out with an 1/4" end mill and then enlarged to F drill size for a 5/16- 18 thread, a steel insert was installed and drilled and tapped for 8-32. The muffler flange was skim cut, I found the 8-32 insert was proud of the flange, it isn't any longer. I didn't tap the hole completely through so the the insert would bottom in the threads, it was also installed with Loctite retaining compound.



It looks bad but it is a great running engine. The mufflers were both skim cut to remove the exhaust port impression, the left muffler was fixtured in a piece of 1" x 2" x6" steel bar that serves as my 1/4" music wire bender. The spot faces were cleaned up and steel inserts were made that fit into the 1/4" hole.


It's a good time to have a look inside a 3W CS engine and see what changes are made. All the bypass ports are polished to a near knife edge, there is some polishing in the exhaust port and I was surprised to find a hemispherical combustion the camber. The pistons have a slight crown