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PM Research Mini Engine Lathe Build

Thanks Tony,
And yep, a 90* chamfer end mill. I've never used one before, so I went with small cuts. I was worried about ending up with a lip at the bottom of each cut and there was a slight lip I couldn't get rid of, but it's very minor and easy to blend in. You can see them in the second pic of the previous post.
Spent a little time yesterday and worked on the headstock. I still have to take a file to it and smooth out all the casting marks, but so far so good.


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Got back to work on the lathe. I had started on the four jaw chuck, but needed some tooling and it finally got here. So I got back to work on it. I still have to make three more jaws. They take some time to make. Here's the progress so far.


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Lots of time and chips, but I got the 4 jaw chuck done. Picked up an arbor saw for the mill as well.


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I went ahead and purchased one. I picked up a Micro 100 KC-125-190-060 Keyseat Cutter just for that job. It worked out good. Just made several light cuts to get it done. I should also be able to use it for making the T-Slots in the face plate when the time comes.