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Scale RCM 1/3 Scale Champ Build


I have some work to do on the fuselage yet, a few of the filler pieces were damaged and need replaced. The jury struts were made from K&S aluminum streamline tube and 3/16" round aluminum tube, these didn't hold up very well. Ordered the stainless steel streamline tube from Toni Clark and already have 5mm stainless tube onsite to replace the aluminum. The streamline tube has shipped from Germany, who knows when it will arrive. This isn't make or break but would be nice to paint at the same time. Also thinking about making a new yoke for the tailwheel. The one I made needs to be less square. Haven't used the lathe or mil for a while, it's time.



Had to break out the arc welder and acetylene torch to form the new yoke. It took two different bending bucks to finish.

After a little drilling, milling, filing and silver brazing it is starting to look better. Still need to add the control horns.



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I wish I had a mill...

I have a little Sherline mill but wanted something full-size. I watched Craigslist for 3-4 years. I knew what range I wanted and a big boy popped up and I grabbed it. Same thing with my big lathe.

Here is a recent photo of the mill.

Tony, sorry about the thread drift……