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Scale RCM 1/3 Scale Champ Build


640cc Uber Pimp
It is two separate switches paths operated by one magnetic, I my case each path will feeds one of the two separate inputs to the power expander. The switch can have two different voltages on each path if needed. For the ignition I'm using a IBEC powered from the power expander, no separate ignition battery. I've had two IBEC's fail and if I experience another I'm gong back to separate battery for the ignition. The most recent failure was the IBEC in the Champ that caused the engine to miss after a couple minutes of flying. I have a new one on the way and should be here tomorrow.
What brand IBEC failed for you? I have yet to have a problem with the TechAero UIBEC.

I'm still a big fan of the AR Multiswitch with a magnetic switch. I've never used the zepus or park switch though.


The new IBEC arrived today from AJ Aircraft. TechAero was out of stock so I ordered this one from AJ, I thought I was getting a rebranded TechAero unit however this is not the case.
First off the unit is a plastic case, next thing I notice is the LED is plug in, then there are DIP switches to set the output voltage. Quick scan of the setting instructions shown switches 1, 2 and 3 are used to set the output voltage and 4 is used to set auto shutdown function. What's this? Now I need to read the instructions! Ok now I find out the auto shutdown activates at less than 4.1 volt, their reasoning for using it is a dead stick is better than loss of control, makes sense. The LED is constant current of 15 mA so any color will work, not sure what color was provided. Read on, next I find that the unit doesn't require a input voltage higher than the output and was tested at 4 volts and 8 volts out. Since the unit has the ability to increase voltage I can only assume the 4.1 cutoff voltage is on the input. The unit is priced identical to TechAero.
All in all I like it and hope it works as good as the TechAero. There are also three mounting holes if you want to go that way, they recommend 1/4" foam under each hole, who knows might mount like that.

Got the left side stab and elevator covered with fabric today. Began tape on the stab but want to get the trim tab details worked out before taping the elevator. Cut a reinforcement for the top of the elevator out of 1/64" plywood. Preshrunk the fabric on a 1x2 wood frame. I took the fabric up to 275 F on the frame then cut reinforcement patches.
Thanks for the tip about pre-shrnking the fabric used to cut reinforcement patches. I never thought of that. I would have probably ended up with a whole lot of ovals.
IMG_3997 copy.jpg


Nice, I draw them with a circle template and cut the patches out with HCS (Hand Controlled Scissors)! Got to update someday.
I tried HCS first. Apparently mine is out of alignment, needs calibration.
If you go with Cricut, get the Maker. The Explore won't cut balsa.