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Redwing RC 30cc (76") Extra 330sc

Decal Dennis

They ARE awesome! They keep AWESOME designs coming for our planes. I need one for hte Red and silver extra 330 though Dennis :)
[MENTION=2470]RedwingRC[/MENTION] I will be working on it this week [MENTION=3]GYRO[/MENTION] email me the sizes you want on the 3D RW logos


GSN Contributor
Got the DA35 mounted and setup. Some aspects were easy, but there was definitely some work involved:

Nice and shiny! ;)

Holes drilled, standoffs and engine mounted. Thought pattern was different, but turns out it's the same as a DLE30

So the choke setup isn't the easiest if you want a use a rod pull inside the cowl, and activate the choke with a finger through a cooling inlet. For a choke servo or bell crank setup in the fuse it works nicely.
Ended up rigging a rod pull, but had to get find a small head screw otherwise the throttle binds.
So right now the choke works fine, but won't close for choking with throttle above 1/3rd. Funny little safety bonus!

Test fit looks good!

Installed a Pitts muffler; big thanks to [MENTION=271]Enterprise[/MENTION] for bailing me out and sending it so fast). Had to trim the lower motorbox overlap to get proper clearance.

Had to cut away a fair amount of cowling to get it on with the big Pitts muffler ports, but that'll just help keep it cooler :)
Used a piece of large rubber grommet to protect the spark cable.

All ready to start, I used a 20x8 Mej since it's what I had on hand, however planning to use a falcon 20x9 eventually.


GSN Sponsor Tier 1
got a few pretty shots of mine today!

Had to adjust the thrust a bit and give it a touch of UP thrust and now it's REALLY smoothed out!!! VERY VERY fun plane! END over END waterfalls at high speed. Does insane knife edge spins