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The 'What did you do in your workshop tonight?' thread


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More shop time today. Ceiling is almost finished, it takes me almost 2 hours to hang two 12' beams, cross tees, tiles and insulate. In other words, I got 6'x24' of ceiling done and called it a day. Lots of climbing on and off the scaffolding, locking and unlocking the wheels, etc.

And I don't care about the lights. They are bright and that's enough for me.




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Looking good. It’s amazing when looking at your roof structure how different the building codes are From one location to another. Snow loading must not be a big concern in your area.


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Snow? Haven't seen it in years. We bury our water lines at 14". Far north USA is 60"? Edit, I forgot you're Canadian, 1.5 meters. How deep do you bury your water lines?


Have done a good bit of work in fusion 360 this week during my lunch breaks working towards the conversion of this old Kraft radio. Here I have the case of it modeled and I have designed an adapter plate to use the modern gimbals as well as digital trims from my taranis. Been quite a lot of fun so far and I’m happy with the results. I have already 3D printed the first test piece of the adapter and it showed me a couple places I need to adjust slightly. More progress next week.



Best day ever yesterday. My daughter had asked a few months back on a camping trip if she could help build an airplane. When we got home I got this glider kit out and told her it is her plane that we will build. Yesterday we finally got started on it.
Here is everything to get started. She went to the store with me to pick out the piece of foam to build on, the glue (minus the CA that I have a ton of), and the push pins.

Taping the Stab plans down to the build surface.

Found the center section pieces and laying them out.

Painting the glue onto the edges with first two pieces already pinned down.

Look at that concentration.

Perimeter is completed and she is very proud of herself.