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Scale Wendell Hostetler 30% PA-28 Cherokee Build


The door is on the right side of airplane so the window is a little different. Radiused the corners, should have plenty of room to install the dash. The side window plugs are drying out, the windshield has a ways to go, on to sanding.



Was moving some things around in the shop to repair the heater for vacuum forming and found this fairing from the original Cherokee for the main gear. Need to make two, made a plug out balsa block, working this afternoon while cutting the lawn put on 2 layers of 8 ounce cloth, two coats of primer and one coat of putty. Using polyester resin and that speeds things up on a mid 80's day. Might get it painted tomorrow. It is slightly longer on each side and it is scaled up 20% plus large enough diameter for the 5/8" struts. Plan to make a two piece mold for this.


Worked on the mold for the main gear fairings. Have the plug mounted in the part board, 10 coats of wax and the first coat of PVA on. All the seams are sealed with Crayola modeling clay and the 2 marbles will locating domes. Will put another coat of PVA on before laying the first half, plan to use polyester resin for the mold since I can work outside now.
Blocked the fuselage with 150 grit and put on a misting of hair spray.
The plugs for the glass are about ready to finish.

IMG_2109 (2).jpg


Nice day in the burgh, working outside. Laid up the first side of fairing mold and removed the parting board, waiting for the PVA to dry to finish.
Began finishing the side window plugs, put on several coats of shellac as a base. Really soaks in, continue to apply until it quit soaking in. Brushed on auto primer and began sanding.