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DLE 55 Prop choice?

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by gyro, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Good point about density altitude... Yes you will not see the same level of performance as an aircraft at sea level for two reasons:

    1- air - the airplane will not see as much oxygen for combustion, and this produce a little less power.

    2- prop - the prop will not "bite" as much air (as it isn't there) resulting in less performance.

    You'll need to adjust your engine choice accordingly.
  2. That is the problem, as a teen on a lawn mowing budget, I don't have the money for a DA 60 or 70. What is thte best prop for the DLE 55 for most thrust?
  3. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Moved this conversation to a better location for engine help.

    To get the most thrust, I say a 24x6 or Vess 24A would likely be the max limit for the DLE55. Hopefully others can chime in.
    I run a 23x8 on DLE55's, and have heard the jump up one inch in length and down two in pitch will put a similar load on a gas engine.
  4. cardenflyer

    cardenflyer 70cc twin V2

    23x8 xion prop is the best I've used. I'd say you need something really light. What prop are you currently using?
  5. 3dbandit

    3dbandit 100cc

    i would think a 23x8 carbon would work well.

    why not use the new dle 61?

  6. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    [MENTION=2579]Pete[/MENTION] what are you using on the Aerobeez slicks you and Santiago are flying?
  7. I have been using a Bambula 23/8, but I have heard those are terrible, but I just got a Xoar 23/8 but I haven't run it yet. I would love to try a falcon CF prop, but they are so expensive, so I am going to try some of their wood props

  8. [MENTION=3]GYRO[/MENTION] on a DLE-55 or 55RA, Santiago and I both prefer a 23x8. You can't go wrong with XOAR. I don't really see a reason to use carbon in the 23" size range. If one is to do more sport flying or sport aerobatics, a 22x8 would be fine however the motor really screams and throttle management would be needed. I used a XOAR 23 3D-B prop on my 55RA/Slick and it was too much pitch. Hovering at lower than half throttle stick and hard to taxi lol. 23x8 is far the best combo. I also don't use VESS in the under 23" size. Seems to really load up my motor more than I like. The Acro props at Aerobeez works great as well! So far Santiago and I both are flying the ACRO 23x8 props on the Slick and MXS-R. ;)
  9. I just switched to a 23x8 on my 55 and it seems to be just a tad bit more than the 22x8 ever did. It now rockets out of a hover. As for type, I perfer Xoar because they're cheap and relaible. I'm currently doing some testing between the beechwood and the laminated, and so far, not much difference in performance.
  10. I recieved a Falcon 24x8 for Christmas, and I was wondering if anyone has tried that on a DLE 55?

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