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We at Tulsa Glue Dobbers are excited to announce our 2014 3D Bash Event. Tulsa is a Great location for this year’s events and we are proud to showcase our club facilities as well as our great city. This event is sure to be heavily attended by spectators, pilots and other r/c enthusiasts due to our central location...
October 10,11,12 2014 Tulsa Ok 3D Bash,

here is a link to the Tulsa Gluedobbers event page


Help Support our Title Sponsor Limitless Aero,...
October 10,11,12 2014 Tulsa Ok 3D Bash,

Help Support our Title Sponsor Limitless Aero, http://www.limitlessaero.com/electronics

here is a link to the Tulsa Gluedobbers event page...
More details to follow, this is going to be a good one. PLUS, the Black Hills is awesome so you can disguise it as a family vacation:cool:

TheLAW will be in the house doing coverage so there will be documentation of the crazy stuff going on.

Night flying is planned as well as foamy pilon racing...
Sleepy, is GSN going to try and provide any coverage of the IMAC World Championships in Muncie, IN; September 2nd - 6th?
Awesome event coming up in October and they are giving away a 104" Extreme Flight Plane. Its in Iron City GA. Gonna be an awesome event again. October 24-26. You are allowed to come early if you like.
Ok.. not to step on Bryan Zangs toes as he has worked hard to get this fly-in up and running, but we are. We are coming in full force! Bryan is an OG in the world of giant scale and the list of "attendees " is insane. If you are new to this hobby, or a lurker waiting to attend an...
The 2014 Eagle Squadron Huck Low!

Our 9th annual summer fly-in will be the most awesome yet.

Come out and join us August 21, 22, 23 and 24th for friends, food, and most importantly, FLYING!

Chase off the Dog days of August with some extreme 3D, relax and hang out with...
August 27-31 magnolia Arkansas.

Tons of raffle prizes, Saturday one trick contest-$500 to win! Two flight lines, light towers, free camping, free pilots fee, food vendor on site Friday and Saturday.
It over already of course, but would hate for this great event to go undocumented. Here's a few stills I took Friday, will have some vids up later in the week (or maybe a bit later as I'm getting ready for Knoxville FLI)...