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1/4 scale P40 Warhawk

Blazing Wings

70cc twin V2
Got the parts primed. She looking better now.


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Blazing Wings

70cc twin V2
I just want you guys to know, that when ordering a kit, all center wing construction, such as ribs, spar, channel for servo wires, and wing tube will be already built by me. There will be very little if any work required on the fuselage. You have to build wing, stabs, rudder, and ailerons. I will also built the composite flaps for the P40E warhawk and pre hinge to center wing.

Blazing Wings

70cc twin V2
I will at some point create a new thread for my 2019 upcoming projects. I plan to build a P51B Mustang in 1/4 scale (111" wingspan), and a Corsair in around 100" wingspan. I will do the same building concept as my other planes, composite fuselage, removable stabilizer, foam core wings or built up wings.....
Once the building starts I will post in a new thread.

As soon as the weather warms up I will start fabricating P40E warhawk and Mig 3 kits