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3D MOJO 65 w/20cc Build


Finally getting to the MOJO 65 build. Had the short kit sitting for a couple years now. Had to finish the JTEC first. Will be using the VVRC 20cc for power. Unfortunately, the designer (Paul Swany) has closed up shop and his website is no longer up.

I do have the .dwg file and a zip file with the manual, two full size .pdf's of the fuse and wings, and a cut sheet with the parts all laid out on different sizes of lumber. I plotted all of them. The plans can be found on the PROBRO site under the thread title Mojo 65 last run. Everything is there if someone wants to scratch one out.

I laid all my short kit parts on top of the lumber layouts. There are some differences from the short kit, but the zip layouts seem to be consistent with the plans. One notable change in the layouts is the fuse is already sized for a 2occ power plant. The original short kit that I have is setup for an OS120, a bit narrower in the fuse cutout for the engine. That (enlarging the opening in the fuse for the 20cc) will be the first order of business before moving forward.



70cc twin V2
If you have any questions let me know. I built one of these for a buddy of mine. Only real snag I ran into was the ply donuts for the tube support for the fuse.


If you have any questions let me know. I built one of these for a buddy of mine. Only real snag I ran into was the ply donuts for the tube support for the fuse.
Thanks! Will definitely ask if I run in to a snag.

Not much progress to report. My son's 11th birthday party is at the house next weekend and the honey-do list is extremely long. I don't dare chance it!. I have to figure out @orthobird 's process on that! LOL. Cam is my hero! Also spending time at swim meets, which I love to watch the boys swim. Will be back at it soon!


Nice. Look forward to the build. I was lucky to get in on the final order with Paul and have a spare Mojo 65, Primo 60 and a few of his smaller planes. Currently also flying a Mojo 60 with the OS120AX and beer can pipe. Guzzles glow but at 6.5 lbs is too much fun to convert to gas.

Be careful installing those slotted plywood wing tube rings - they are very fragile and mine broke so I had to make new ones that were larger and egg shaped to fit in the wing.
I bought my current Mojo 65 built but never flown. It originally had a Saito motor on it (as pictured). I had to peal back the carbon fiber covering and enlarge the engine cutout. Started out with a DLE20 but it needed more power as it came just over 9 lbs. Now running a GT22 with a ported WWRC muffler swinging a 17x6 carbon falcon fiber prop. Big improvement. Someday I may look to lighten the landing gear and find a carbon fiber wing tube that will work. I think if you can come in under 8.5 lbs you will be happy with the plane so choose your wood and materials carefully. My Sbach 65 (also pictured) is just under 8.5 lbs rtf with DLE 20.IMG_8950.jpg
00s0s_jiSslXD75jD_600x450.jpg 00404_cnqJZyoc88n_600x450.jpg
My next build will be a Primo 60 which will use the left over DLE20.
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