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Scale RCM 1/3 Scale Champ Build


Thanks Mark and welcome aboard. There is no differential in the ailerons but that's easy to do. The service manual indicates 28 degrees up and 18 down, sounds like a good starting point. If I can't get it to fly any better it will go on display! Hoping the 2 1/2 pounds helps.


Thanks Tony. The aileron differential will help. If your Champ is like the full scale, remember to lead your turns with some rudder. The first time my flight instructor let me make a landing approach as I turned onto final I didn't use rudder. The adverse yaw was bad enough that I lost the runway. That is when I was taught by the Champ and my flight instructor that the rudder must be used when turning the Champ. As you can see in the video it does great slips to landing.
Can't wait to see yours fly.


Second fight today, 2 1/2 pounds nose weight, aileron differential. Not a good flying day, 90 degree cross wind. Not feeling the love yet, made one rectangle circuit and landed. Better than last week but still a long way to go. Doesn't like cross wind for sure.
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Man... that maiden reminds me of my H9 15cc Carbon Cub... The manual led me astray with 2" aft of the actual CG range against my better judgement of eye balling the CG near the center of lift... I trusted it... turns out they amended the manual without my prior knowledge.

Read my post #35-36 and it sounds VERY similar to what you experienced. Moved the CG forward and it behaved like it should. Given I had multiple issues on my maiden flight, the initial flight performance before all of that was quite similar.

I'm thinking you were so tail heavy that what little aileron movement you made was inducing a stall and the overall responsiveness was due to the aft CG. Since you have flown it again on less than ideal conditions it may be hard to tell, but I'd throw some rudder/elevator mix in once you get a better day. Fly strait/level - introduce rudder slowly and see if the plane wants to pitch up or down - then do the opposite direction and see if it follows. If it does not follow and/or rolls instead - do a Rudder to Aileron mix. Adverse yaw is a tricky one, but it changes with CG as well so keep that in mind.

Had one plane that simply would not turn via bank and yank and required rudder turns - so much so that you needed to mix rudder into the aileron control along with aileron differential to make a coordinated turn (if no rudder was used it would pitch up).

What about the cross wind did the plane not like? pitchy, or?
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Someone brought this nice Champ to the Indiana Flyers Club fun fly on 6/29/21, wonder who?
IMG_7052 (1).jpg