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Scale RCM 1/3 Scale Champ Build


In keeping up with dhal22 decided to work on the landing gear struts. The full scale struts are covered with aluminum sheet. Most of the photos I have looked at show that the covers had one form of ding so I wasn't too careful while I wrapped the aluminum. The top rail was added to attach the top of the cover. I milled an aluminum shoe to form the tin plate rescued from an empty acetone can, it is .012" thick. The rail is soldered on to the strut with Harris Stay Bright silver bearing solder. It took two soldering irons to get everything hot. I used double sided carpet tape to hold the aluminum sheet in place while it was formed around the strut. I have the paint on order and the weather is finally getting to the point where it will be safe to paint. I've been dragging my feet getting this thing done and painted. Keep thinking about building the Cherokee plug.



I found #0 x 3/8" button head steel metal screws at Lebanon RC flea market last year, they were packaged in 500 each bags so I bought a bag. Once I got home and compared the button heads to the pan head screws I used I realized that these screws would look better than the pan head screws I used to attach the fabric. I contacted Micro Fastener and tied to buy more over the winter but they never responded to my email. I went back this year and sure enough they had more at their booth, I bought 1500. I didn't see these listed on their web site on I can only assume they happen to be surplus material. The button head screw is the top one on the photo below, pan head is the middle of the photo and a Phillip's head is the bottom screw. Note the nice smooth curve on the button head.
The screw uses a .035" allen head wrench and it doesn't take much resistance to strip the head. I think I understand why they don't bother listing them. That's OK with me because they are going into the old holes. I does take quite a bit of effort to remove the covering when it is screwed on. I just about have the stabs, elevators, and rudder recovered. Paint is here so it's only a matter of time before painting begins. If these look as good as I'm hoping I will recover the wings next year. The wings look fine but there's a few areas were I was under the learning curve so I would not mind redoing them.
I lot BS over a few silly screws!!!!