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Scale RCM 1/3 Scale Champ Build

AJ Sun

New to GSN!
Hi AJ. I built the gear from Sturla's plans for the Chief. Like yours, my gear would fall out when I picked it up off the ground until the owner of Super Chief I'm modeling asked if I left the axel tube long enough to act as a stop against the bracket. I retrofitted a couple of nylon bolts in the ends of the tubes to stop the lower oleo from falling too far inward. The plane's not completed yet, so I don't know yet if it works, butin static tests (lifting the fuse up) it does.
Hey. Toast you will like hus gear I sure do. But use the small cables. Then you have no worries. I did try several springs. But adding a little heavy grease sure smoothed things up. I think he may have drilled the spring tube. Hard to tell, about that. But I used a dowels to plug the upper spring. And drilled where it attached to the fuselage. Had an accident. And was hit by a quad copter.did quite a bit of damage to the left wing and fuselage attach points.it also busted several fuselage glue points. Got fed up with RC and went back to U Control. That was two years ago but really only been fling the circle for about 8 months. Great post good luck with your Champ. My AA Industries Champ was a great floater and flyer until that mis hap.