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Scale RCM 1/3 Scale Champ Build


Finished masking the N numbers today and painted. First two coats of the 7AC yellow were sprayed on to act as bleeder coat. Next a few light coats of 7AC orange were dusted on, finally a wet gloss coat was applied. After 3 hours hours the masking materials were removed and the areas where the orange bleed onto the yellow were cleaned up the isopropyl alcohol. The problem with masking the numbers is it is almost impossible to seal the little void where two layers of fine line tape overlap, when doing these military style numbers these many of these types of voids. You really can't seal the voids on top of the fabric like you can of a solid surface. Noy sure how effective the yellow bleed coats were but it all cleaned up nice with the isopropyl alcohol. Didn't get any photos of the final product since I had to run to the grandsons flag football game. Tomorrow I can assemble the wing and think about flying. Have friends visiting over the weekend so not is going to happen.