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Scale Wendell Hostetler 30% PA-28 Cherokee Build


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I'm one of everybody that was 'vaccinated' and still got sick. Fortunately I haven't got it twice.


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Got my COVID booster on Monday morning and it knocked the heck out of me yesterday, spent the whole day horizontal, feeling better today. Got the stab fitted and end capped. Operated stab servo, throws and operation are good. Started looking at the rudder linkage, thinking about using a MKS slim wing servo in the rear for rudder. The nose wheel will a servo as well. This https://www.amainhobbies.com/mks-se...bV_ra99rnjP0i4tea8CJxGx_ongk_XLBoCm9EQAvD_BwE is twice the required torque based an online torque calculator. Anyone have any thoughts about this servo?

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Keep in mind that a lot of these wing servos are boxed in... meaning the have a little support (foam) on the sides and lower case. A lot of glider pilots wrap the case in packaging tape and glue them in place for extra rigidity. Note there are no vibration grommets... these are specifically designed for unpowered or electric gliders - I don't know how they'd hold up in a gasser.

Had my booster a couple months ago, just a sore arm for me. @dhal22 I'm sure you know and I'm just preaching to the choir.... but It doesn't mean you wont get sick from covid if you have the shots... just will most likely keep you out of the hospital, from death, and less likely spread it easily to others. :adore:
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My wife is vaccinated and tested positive about a month ago, lost smell and taste for about three days then it was all over. I had to have it but had no symptoms, didn't bother testing to find out, stayed home and worked on the Cherokee until the quarantine was over.

Thanks for your reply Nick, I had sent a question to the manufacturer to get their take as well, it would be be too good to be true. I made a mock up of the servo and it is a tiny thing. Might just go ahead and make a rotary drive for the rudder. Once the rudder linkage is resolved the fin will get glued on and it will be time start the wings.


640cc Uber Pimp
The booster shot definitely hit me harder than the first two. Felt like crud for a couple days. Might be cause I got Moderna booster and my first two shots was Pfizer. Either way, just glad to have the vaccine.
That just means your immune response was better than mine. Mix and matching vaccines is a good thing as is your response to the booster. I have a friend who has had all three... Pfiser, Moderna, and J&J... he felt terrible but still went for a run... even took my dog with him! he crazy LOL. I happy for the hope these vaccines give us.

@TonyHallo I'm curious what they will tell you! Wing servos are TINY! For a lot of glider wings the limiting factor in wing design is the servo size. I'm using two Blue Bird BMS-116HV wing servos in my Ridge Runt with my modified MH32 Airfoil - otherwise I would have had to put them in the fuselage. Wing Servos are becoming quite popular!


Started working on the RDS, made a mold of the fin area where the servo will be located, will lay up a glass hatch. I used Formica for the slider boxes in the original Cherokee, was thinking about using G10 for this build. The description of G10 on McMaster Carr states
"A good all-around choice, these Garolite G-10/FR4 sheets and bars are strong, machinable, and electrically insulating. They're made of a flame-retardant epoxy resin with fiberglass fabric reinforcement. Garolite G-10/FR4 is also called epoxy-grade industrial laminate and phenolic."
I thought rather than buy it just lay up a flat piece with low friction graphite power added, this was done on a sheet steel.


Decided to use 3/32" music wire, the slider box was made with 3/32" balsa and CA glue. The balsa was sanded to .001" bigger than the wire and glued together with short stubs of the wire maintaining the spacing. On the first plane I didn't pay a lot attention to controlling the spacing so the left aileron had more clearance than the right side, always bothered me. This one has a nice fit. A groove was cut in rudder with a table saw and the slider box is epoxied in, once cured the remainder of the groove will get filled with balsa. The hatch is laid up and once cured the servo pocket will get cut. I have a 6 mm servo connector on the way to joint the servo to the wire.


Tony, I honestly do not understand what you are building in your last two posts. What is a "slider box"?

I do like following along with your build!!!