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Scale Wendell Hostetler 30% PA-28 Cherokee Build


The right wing extension is complete. I will fill the extension with low expansion foam because that's right where the plane will be picked up. While the fuselage is stilled jigged on the side two 1/2" holes were drilled for the locating pins. These will be fitted with 1/2" hardwood dowels. Made a template so that left side holes will line up and I can drill straight through into the wing. After looking at the wing tips decided to go the foam route as they are rather large and would take a 3" x4" block of balsa. At this point they will be the lost foam method. Ready to flip the fuselage over and start on the left wing.



Thank you Rick, I do enjoy posting.
Tried a different method to remove the foam today. I've tried melting with several different solvents, drilling, and digging out, at the end of the day the foam is out but it's not fun. Today I put a loop of copper wire in the soldering iron and cut the foam out, worked well but stiffer wire would help. A couple minutes with an abrasive ball in a Dremel and it's good to go.
The left wing is coming along, put the leading and trailing edges on, need carved and sanded to shape, once complete the root rib will get glued on. Still playing around with the flap hinges, not happy yet. With one knuckle removed from each Sig X hinge, they are a perfect size for the ailerons, one set on each side of the aileron.


640cc Uber Pimp
I used acetone to get rid of the pink foam for my little glider canopy. It dissolves the foam to a sticky goo.


On larger pieces it losses it's effect and you end up with more goo at least that was my experience so I started to mechanically remove as much as i could.
Cut the right aileron free with a knife then cut the bevel on the aileron in the bandsaw, added blocking for the hinges and installed the trailing ege


Made a little widget for hinging the ailerons, it guides the cutter 1/16" below the wing surface. Got the cutter at the Toledo show several years ago ironically from a fellow not far from my home, don't remember what they were called but they work great. This is the 1/4scale cutter measuring .040" in thickness. Made a 1/8" plywood rib for mounting the wing tip, of course I needed to revise the hole spacing and quantity, no mistakes, just revisions!. The tip is fastened with 26 #0 screws. Still pondering on the flap hinging and working on the left wing extension.


Made the mount for the aileron servo, there will be no hatches, if a servo goes bad cut the Monokote out from the bay and patch it. Bought 6 Hitec D945TW servos from Servocity during the Black Friday sale. 20% off if I remember correctly, just open the box today, was like Christmas all over again.




Steve had ask a while back if lights were in the plans, at the time I said no but started to rethink, might be nice, looking for red and green panel
mount globes, I found the ones below at Radio Shack years ago, they were perfect size for 1/3 scale Super Cub. Can't find them today however, still looking


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