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89" SkyWing Laser 260 V2 Assembly Thread


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I must be crazy, I ended up making a 3D Printed baffle mold in CAD and glassed the waxed mold, cut to pop it off, then glassed it back shut. FWIW I did three light layers of glass
69DA05DB-E65B-4BD7-B9CF-479CB8CF2EE1.jpeg 45118FBC-2CBD-41BD-B3D6-B8205C59C5A1.jpeg AB61C6EA-A27B-4D72-9AF5-80FA1CB6F1BE.jpeg
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With 10 grams of weight savings over the 3DPrinted mold and an increased temp resilience (I hope), I think it was a fun experience to learn something new!
6C403806-52B1-4C46-962B-DADB6E5A2938.jpeg 5DD6CC88-5174-4EA9-B28B-9C09DC43A21A.jpeg

also, I supported the lower cowl air exits with carbon tow and a little piece of glass where the cowl likes to oil can a bit.


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Finally!!! I’m off swing shifts and got to maiden this beauty! CG was spot on, had a very slight roll to the right. Only got two break in flights and need to tune the motor as the transition was not so good and my last flight the propeller stopped turning... but landed great!

So far, it flies like a laser! Tracks great, rudder appears to be very responsive, great roll rate. No 3D yet as I’m still breaking in the motor. JMB Exhaust is soooo quiet in the air! Idle is super low, and prop was just barely ripping at WOT. I didn’t fly WOT more than a circuit to get it cool... sure wanted to heat up in a hurry. Not sure why it’s always me with heat issues... story book is still untold until I can tune the motor again and get it broken in.

so far I am pleased with the airframe’s stability.



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Been getting some more flights in. Reset my throttle curve to match my ARS. I had to raise it quite a bit to create a linear feel as well. The best way for me to get it right was to open up the curve menu and adjust the curve during ground running. Fly it- adjust as necessary. I got it pretty close, but I’m also running pretty rich currently which is delaying my throttle response a bit. I was able to play around with the plane a bit with the better throttle curve and still have some trimming to do. KE it couples to the gear a bit, and a light top wing roll to the gear. All pretty gentle and predictable. Had to dial down my elevator as it would roll out in a tight loop. Landings are a bit quicker as it’s a bit squirrelly in high alpha. I’m thinking of adding some tail weight to alleviate those last two findings. The 1/2 roll 45 inverted test shows a small drop to the nose so I know it’s pretty close to where it needs to be. Still getting to know the plane, but each flight is an improvement, and able to expand the flight envelope.
About ten flights in so far.



Always takes me some time dialing in a new plane. And then adding a new motor to the mix...

For me lots of flat rudder only turns till I get the mixes right. Also the 45 degree inverted uplines.