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Scale BUSA Super Cub


My mentor started judging me yesterday, all three flights were about an 88 score but I think he being too kind. Even flying the elementary maneuver's that the Champ can perform have a lot of things that can go wrong. This was compounded by the 9 MPH crosswind,
Do you judge both the flights and static?


Quick update on the Super Cub. When the first areas of red were painted, it was over the silver Poly Spray, the final set went over the Datytona white painted areas. The color match was off quite a bit so I need to repaint those areas, ordered a new set of PIPER logo masks.
Thinking ahead about the batteries and switch location I pulled the trigger Brooma AR Reg Switch. I got the FOB option so there's no need to access the plane to turn it off and on. This particular switch has a built in regulator set at 6 volts since there are Hitec 7955 servos in the plane. It's rated 20 amp burst and 10 amp continuous.