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Scale BUSA Super Cub


640cc Uber Pimp
I wish I had your patience to build. I can spend a lot of time building the flying parts but the interior I just don’t have patience. Nice work on all the details like the exhaust now that is what I like building.👍
Found the glue you recommended order some should get it soon I hope thanks for the help.


I bought the glue at the Toledo show years ago ironically from a Canadian vendor on the floor, don't remember who. I thought it would replace CA, for regular building I found it was no different than regular wood glue because it takes 20 minutes to set, so I never really used it. For some reason I decided to use it for the receiver mounts in the Cub? It was sitting on my bench when you posted your wing photo and I thought maybe that would be a good choice. When I Googled it to see if was still available was surprised to see that Horizon handles it and states that it works well for slot together models. I hope it works for you


I knew the wing fairings were a little close so I decided to add a little space. There are six layer of masking tape on the wing root, filling with SuperFil. I made these rod ends some time ago when I first bought the lathe, 6-32 threaded end with 4-40 through bolts, the nuts are soldered on to the rod end, should have done the same on the Champ!