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Great build progress SnowDog!
Put z rudder in the tail push pull. My electric setup is usually more tail heavy than gassers and my rudder servo is in the tail. And a little snippit from last evening's flight before the club meeting started.
Thanks Suds.
This airframe assembly really goes together quickly.
Nice video clip of your plane as well...I agree that those crankshafts were quick and violent! I like it.


Latest update:
Wings, elevators, and rudder connected.
Receiver installed.
Trial fit of all control surfaces into fuselage.
I really like the new approach to connecting and securing the wings and elevator.
Very ingenious.

20200311_224037.jpg 20200312_124321.jpg 20200312_124338.jpg 20200312_211648.jpg 20200312_211701.jpg 20200312_211727.jpg 20200312_211732.jpg 20200312_212751.jpg 20200312_222152.jpg 20200312_222226.jpg 20200312_222335.jpg 20200312_222338.jpg 20200312_222834.jpg 20200312_222837.jpg 20200312_222844.jpg 20200312_222904.jpg 20200312_222912.jpg


640cc Uber Pimp
One thing to look over is the ply/carbon laminate, I had a few spots where the thin carbon was delaminating/bubbling up off the ply. It's hard to find, but worth checking out. I believe there was a couple spots on the wing root on mine.

I love the pin setup! Crazy easy. No more twisting nylon thumb screws. Also no more canopy screws!

My wing root rubber grommet doesn't line up at all, just a little bit. I ended up going around it with my ARS to the opening just aft of it.

You are right about how quick these SW planes go together, It's amazing. Gives you more time to add details and get up in the air quicker.

Keep up the good work!


Since it is snowing here in the Chicago area and everyone is staying home for health reasons, I've had time to work on my 91" Edge. Got the switch installed, the engine mounted, and the spinner gap is very nice. Just need to finish the spinner, mount the throttle servo, gas tank, plumb the lines, and mount the kill switch. This airframe is going together very quickly!
20200313_141256.jpg 20200313_232308.jpg 20200314_174050.jpg 20200314_174203_thumb.jpg


Looking good SnowDog. Don't forget on these newer designs that the gas tank is designed to go on the shelf where your RX batteries are. This keeps CG consistent from full to empty tank.


I've got to say that the fuel tank installation was quite a surprise to me. After Suds pointed out where the fuel tank is designed to go, I started looking at the geometry of everything then looked closer at the canopy and found, to my surprise, that Skywing has even thought through the fuel tank placement and supported that with the canopy design...and made it optional, in case you wanted to locate the fuel tank in a different arrangement.
As an additional benefit, this fuel tank placement and canopy design provide the ability to view fuel tank status directly through the canopy without having to remove it!
20200315_120153.jpg 20200315_120156.jpg 20200315_120205.jpg 20200315_120214.jpg 20200315_120409.jpg 20200315_120412.jpg 20200315_120522.jpg 20200315_120619.jpg 20200315_120720.jpg 20200315_120724.jpg 20200315_121603.jpg 20200315_121609.jpg 20200315_122215.jpg


@AKNick I did a trial fit of the cowl and it looks like the spark plug caps are going to rub on the side cheeks of the cowl.
Did you have this issue with your build of the ARS 300?