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Thanks for the info and the pictures @AKNick
At first glance, it does not appear that I will have clearance on the spark plug caps.
Once I start cutting the cowl for the mufflers, I will be able to discern more clearly.


Finished up the cowl trimming last night. That was some tedious work. Cut a little...test fit...cut a little...test fit...wash/rinse/repeat
A cutout on the cheek for the ignition plug cap was only required on one side.

20200318_223921.jpg 20200318_223928.jpg 20200318_224030.jpg 20200318_224038_2.jpg 20200318_224050_2.jpg


Build complete!

I wrapped up the final details last night. The plane is ready for a field engine test and then a maiden flight!!
Now all I need is the weather to cooperate.
All I need is the ground at the field to be firm enough for me to drive my trailer on, and temps above 40, maybe? :|

20200320_222853.jpg 20200320_222900.jpg 20200320_222916.jpg 20200320_222930.jpg 20200320_222943.jpg 20200320_222955.jpg 20200320_223003.jpg 20200320_223127.jpg 20200320_223140.jpg

Love those wheel chocks.