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Scale Wendell Hostetler 30% PA-28 Cherokee Build


Here's the right side and windshield.
Some details of the equipment.
The oven is two 1500 quartz heaters controlled by a pair if solid state relays used to switch the two 120 volt circuits. The relays are controlled by a temperature PID and interposing low voltage relay. The oven enclosure is made from packaging material I saved from a friend's Aeroworks AFR, no insulation. I'm pretty sure the wiring is up to code but I only run the heater attended.
The PETG sheets are heated at 140 f for about a hour to drive any moisture, then the PID is given a high setpoint so that the heaters are continuously powered and the heat cycle is timed for approximately 4 minutes, then the two shop vac's connected in series are started and the pull is made.



Have the right side windows glued in, painted the firewall with flat black paint and painted the landing struts with gloss white paint. Schools out and we will be watching our grandsons starting next week for a couple of days each week so production will suffer.
Thinking about the next build. Was thinking the Hostetler 30% Chipmunk but giving serious thought about scaling up a Byron 30% Glasair to 36%, this would make the wing span 108". Would make a plug and mold for the fuselage which would be used to make the cowl, fuselage, left side door and plugs for the windows. Or maybe I'll something already started!!!