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Scale Wendell Hostetler 30% PA-28 Cherokee Build


640cc Uber Pimp
You have builds started and not finished? :eek:

Um yeah... doesn't everyone???? :confused:😟 I'm ashamed LOL Way to many unfinished projects, I chase the candy

Tony, great work on the canopy - holy smokes that was fun to watch the double vacuum forming process.


I have two unfinished and one that needs recovered.
A Frank Knoll designed One Design that is covered with Hobby King film that I can not match the flourescent green.
A BUSA 33% Sub Cub that I started 16 years ago.
A Godfrey designed One Design that I put my foot through the canopy and the covering is just too shabby for my liking.
02-18-07 001.jpg


Not sure if they can do that green or not but I recovered a buddies Hangar 9 Edge many years ago with hobby king covering and to paint the cowl I actually went to lowes with a piece of the covering on a scrap of balsa. They mixed up some semi gloss latex in one of their sample containers. I then mixed it 50-50 with minwax semi gloss polycrylic and sprayed it through a HVLP. Once fully cured I then hit it with a can of Gloss clear coat and it looked great.


Found 1/2" x .060" PTFE angle at McMaster Carr, plan to make the mounting brackets for the fairings out of it. Also bought a piece of .020" G10 that will become the blanking plate to separate the engine side from the cabin side at F2. This will be removable.


Installed the blanking plate, the bottom half is glued in and the top is removable to access the engine compartment. Three 2-56 screws hold the top in place. It is time to get serious about painting. The PTFE angle arrived as well, ordered 1 12" piece, they sent me 10 12" pieces. Sent 9 back.



Got my notice today that my electricity cost are increasing about 250% in August, $.057 to $.15 /KWHR, wonder how much paint cost have increased? I'll find out soon.