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91" SkyWing ARS 300 Assembly Thread


640cc Uber Pimp
Got my temp sensors in. Took me a while to figure out how to set them up. Also the instructions are so vague! I did a bunch of forum search and someone mentioned using silicone fuel tubing and just wedging it in place in the rear of the cyl head top fin galley. Hmmmmmmm guess it works, but what a strange way to do this. If someone has used the SBS-01T sensor before and has a better method, let me know.


640cc Uber Pimp
Whipped up an air dam for the front dump. I have FINALLY started to use Thingiverse so my .STL will be there for all to use. The AirDam is posted there to download and print yourself. As I am a new member, I'm not allowed to publish anything for 24 hours... not sure why.... silly rules. But here it is:

B87862EB-A2F3-4366-9EA8-B192C9FB2634.jpeg 7F8549C0-1F2D-4AD4-8ADD-97098A78A0C9.jpeg 7AEF1CF4-4C9C-41C3-B732-4F916A8614AC.jpeg D1E62FC9-A385-46E6-8577-8ADABF5D1C1C.jpeg BB3AF816-E64B-4733-AB36-5DF7AF1D30FC.jpeg FF829420-2CE4-491A-BFB8-C79856BADF23.jpeg

It utilizes the same holes as the dump cover plate. I used welders glue to bond it to the cover plate.
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Flew the plane today. Cylinders are getting too hot I think.

What is the temp range? I heard 250 and under, not over 300F.

My right (rear) cylinder is running 30-40F hotter above half throttle.

I’m thinking of opening up the cowl some more.

I did adjust the HSN richer about 1/8 turn and it didn’t seem to help.

Both cylinders were pretty even under half throttle.


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Added some more baffling to the right cylinder to eliminate some gaps.
054F159E-75FE-4267-B0A3-3EDD713E93AA.jpeg 5EA255B9-8E57-4DE2-97E0-3D0FC8FA822A.jpeg
Here are some extra pics of how I installed the temp sensors.
F987AF69-EC86-4E7F-91B3-90230C23014C.jpeg D4FFF709-9BD6-4819-8012-772BA98B58B4.jpeg
Also the interior as it is right now.

Also made a larger air dam/dump and installed it. No good pic as the glue is still drying


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Had a few paragliders stop by to visit!


Cylinders never went over 340! Stayed 275 most the time unless I was wide open.
Right cylinder was about 20deg higher. Much closer now.
43C614A9-754F-4FCB-A509-0133834CA673.jpeg 6FE2CA9B-58D9-4B34-9A26-389BF8BDE9A5.jpeg

My air dam V2 worked well. Notice it actually deflected the exhaust residue as well.


640cc Uber Pimp
Couple more flights on the ARS. Temps seemed to keep cooler staying under 330F, even with some WOT shenanigans.

2A21B771-31F3-4C16-A8F9-2891F63AA191.jpeg EE6C723B-ACAD-4BB7-946C-C46A00AA4CBC.jpeg
Timer is a little off, but that’s 15 honest minutes of flying.

I wanted to see what the inside of the rudder looked like.... OK OK OK, naw, I screwed up.
I had to call it quits when my mind was aloof and I landed high alpha on the rudder... some days your head is just not in the game.


I was able to fix it up last night. What a pain to be honest. It’s built light. Which makes the repair a bit harder and the lack of cap strips on the ribs made me take off more film tban I needed. The good news is that skywing includes repair covering with their models! So I used what was provided.
Is it perfect? NO! Will it work? Most definitely!
9F26E1BF-C686-4166-BD65-44D6F714AD8F.jpeg 226FA97A-D832-4C3C-A674-90A2B96F8EDA.jpeg E88199F1-EBC8-4577-A673-C386BE5B2713.jpeg DC170305-7786-4BE7-85C1-9DED5214C8F6.jpeg 4983A81E-4DBD-47BE-B980-A28AFD88AEC6.jpeg 08968993-8561-43BD-A044-38C88AEDD0D7.jpeg

I will say that this china cote is interesting, it has a white backing. So you'll always get a true color. The downside is that when it shrinks and you pull on the iron, it shows the edge. Talked with Tim at NWRC yesterday and he said they are moving towards using ultracote, except the metalic colors which are too rich and vibrant to replace with ultra cote. This stuff is much thicker too.

Oh, and I need a new tailwheel... Hmmmmm ideas?
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