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The Rolla, MO. Big Bird show up throw down OG style event has come and gone, but the memories will forever be burned into our minds:D

It was great!!!, got to see old friends and meet lots of new ones.

Here are just a few of the pics I took...more to follow, some need editing
OK guys, sometimes you're having too much fun to upload... last night was that night.

SO.. here ya go... we are bringing OLD SKOOL 3D back!!!

Hey guys, on the way to the GSN Throwdown in Rolla, MO! Stopped in Chicago to pick up my once lost and now found 40% Carden Cap!! Now we're on the road to Rolla!...
There's nothing like the smell of jet fuel in the morning!

The skies of Monaville, Texas @ Bomberfield USA will be set on fire once again as jet pilots from Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding towns gather for a few days of kero burning!

Landing Fee: 30$

October 17th & 18th...
News from @Limitlessaero! If you're in Texas or in the surrounding areas please take a minute to check your calendars! I'm told by Kole that this will be an awesome event.
3d throwdown.png Please visit http://www.hotmac.org/ for more info! ​
So Sleepy said it would take $500 to get him to Huck-O-Ween IV coming up at the end of October in Iron City, GA.

Well I figured we have enough members here that we could all chip in $5 and get him there so I started a Kick Starter Campaign where we can all chip in a few bucks and get 'er done!...
Hey folks. I am fairly new to RC, and spend my time building and filming with multirotors. I have been part of an AMA sanctioned flying club here in VT for the past year, and am getting closer and closer to building my own plane.

I am a friend of Bart's from over at the Multirotor forums, so when he...
Dalton GA Sept 11-14

Dalton Scale Helicopter Challenge.

Over 40 pilots and 80 helicopters showed up. Participants came from as far as Boston, Long Island, even Toronto.

Enjoy some pics.


I arrived at the site last night a little after 7 PM and it was a gorgeous night with a lot of folks taking advantage of clear skies to do some night flying. the guys from my local flying field had invited me to join them for dinner so I found my friend Scott, got settled in and then joined up with the guys from...
Hi All, Started this thread to let everyone know about the 4th Lodi Huckfest taking place at Kingdon Airport in Lodi,Ca.

On October 2-5. This event has totally proven itself to be the biggest and best 3D event on the west coast for 4 years.

Non stop action, Kick ass tunes, Throw down flying!!! Big Taco feed...